How to pay a loan at Good Credit

Before approving one of our mini-loans, at Good Credit we evaluate the applicant’s creditworthiness to make sure that she will be able to pay a loan in a timely manner. While it is true that to obtain one of our fast credits it is not necessary to make annoying paperwork or submit to long waits (we work 100% online and thanks to that you can have the money in the account in a matter of minutes), so it is that our philosophy only contemplates responsible loans.

That is, those that the client can assume without problems. Otherwise, the request will be denied or you will be offered a smaller amount that you can return.

Should be noted that paying a loan at Good Credit is no more difficult

Should be noted that paying a loan at Good Credit is no more difficult

since we put several options at your disposal. You will find them all in the section ‘My Account’, the profile you create when sending the request.

In Good Credit you can pay a loan through your user area through several methods.

The easiest way to make the payment is by bank transfer to the account number you will find in your user area. This account number is a personalized IBAN, so you will be the only user of it when making transfers to pay your fees. This system increases both the security and the identification of your payment.

In the case of making a bank transfer, you should not forget to use the reference of your loan as it appears in the contract as a concept of the transfer. This way we can easily identify your payment.

In this regard, it should be remembered that Good Credit leaves the door open for the granting of loans with ASNEF and loans without payroll. It is also relevant to highlight here that if your credit application is rejected you can reapply after a period of 30 days, without fear of getting a negative response again because we re-study the application as if it were unique.

Can I pay a loan at Good Credit in installments?

Can I pay a loan at Good Credit in installments?

At Good Credit you have the option to pay off your immediate loan as you see fit, but only once. The return in installments is not contemplated.

You choose the amount you need, between 75 dollars and 750 dollars, and when it is better to pay it off, within a maximum period of 30 days. In case of non-payment, you will be penalized with late payment interests, which will be informed clearly and concisely at the time of the request.

The non-payment surcharges are explained

The non-payment surcharges are explained

And it is that all the details about the non-payment surcharges are explained in the loan contract that the client will have to read carefully and sign to declare consent with the stipulated terms.

Since Good Credit’s policy is based on mutual trust, a quick credit will never be given a green light that will be too large for the applicant. Our scoring system (evaluation) works with the latest technology: an algorithm capable of valuing more than 10,000 easily accessible information points in the networks, which allows us to communicate the resolution and receive the money now, depending on your schedule Bank, in a matter of minutes.

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