Unfair terms of a real estate loan and recommendations

Does a clause in your mortgage offer seem illegal to you? We advise you to read this file. You will find there the recommendations of the unfair terms commission, the black list established by the Law of Modernization of the Economy as well as the edifying results of a survey carried out by the General

How to pay a loan at Good Credit

Before approving one of our mini-loans, at Good Credit we evaluate the applicant’s creditworthiness to make sure that she will be able to pay a loan in a timely manner. While it is true that to obtain one of our fast credits it is not necessary to make annoying paperwork or submit to long waits

Choose your loan carefully: watch out for intermediaries!

Press Release: As in the case of consumer credit itself, people should be careful when choosing who will advise them on its acquisition. Indeed, so-called consumer credit intermediaries can be as dangerous to consumers as moneylenders themselves, and poor choices can be very expensive. This is confirmed by a survey among banks and branded non-banking

Main debt restructuring techniques

On the financial and credit market, the average borrower will find many interesting restructuring methods. Some of them work as a last resort, while others work even with small debts and allow you to increase your debt repayment potential, especially in the medium to long term. Debt restructuring techniques In the article, we will discuss

Credit with no credit rating.

Many people now know credit without creditworthiness as credit without credit, which has become increasingly important, especially because more and more people no longer have sufficient credit for a regular loan, because they were in arrears with old claims or have too many debts to get a regular loan. Credit despite bad credit rating possible?

Building Savings Loan

The building savings loan is provided by building societies where the client has a savings account (so-called building savings). Purpose of savings loan Building savings loan (also called classic or regular) is the original product of savings banks associated with the building savings itself. Due to state support to the building savings client (up to

Debt rescheduling credit

More and more private individuals in Germany are in debt, the last solution to the debt crisis is often debt restructuring. A rescheduling can be used to pay off existing debts; it is not uncommon for the borrower to be able to call up significantly better interest rates in this way and to significantly reduce

Modernization credit – Apply Now!

Every homeowner knows it well, something breaks in the house over the years. A new roof, the renewal of the windows or a new heating system are expensive and cost a lot. Not all of us have enough reserves in our account for this case. The modernization work cannot be postponed forever, a loan is

Loan comparison using credit calculator online.

Based on this data, the online credit calculator will display all loan offers from banking and non-banking companies in a clear comparison. The right choice of the best and best loan will be just a few clicks away. Representative examples For a representative example, we compare 2 loans – bank and non-bank. Both loans will